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22 November to 13 December participating with the Sense Lab in the IMMEDIATIONS project (transdisciplinary relations between art, media and the humanities) at AVOCA PROJECT in Watford House (Melbourne) and COFA gallery (Sydney)

1 October to 19 November MOVEMENTS OF THOUGHT workshops at Usine C (Montreal) in collaboration with Mayra Morales

4 to 7 June participating with the Sense Lab in THE PROCEDING PROCEDURE: a Festival of In/Confluence at the Glasshouse Project, Brooklyn, New York

23 April to 3 May Faculty member for the Research Academy for Dance and Choreography at Zurich University for the Arts (ZHDK)

12 February MOVEMENTS OF THOUGHT workshop together with Mike Hornblow and Mayra Morales in the frame of the Sense Lab and Usine C collaboration (Montreal)

5 January start of the PhD Studies at Concordia University under the supervision of Erin Manning, Alanna Thain and Brian Massumi.

31 October to 4 November WHITE at Het Veem thater (Amsterdam)

31 August COLLECTIVE WRITING MACHINES at Ausufern Festival (Berlin)

13 to 25 May WHITE project residency at Het Veem thater (Amsterdam)

25 March to 12 April WHITE project residency at Tanzfabrik - Uferstudios (Berlin)

25 February to 3 March WHITE project residency at Tanzfabrik - Uferstudios (Berlin)

16 February ABSTRACT ATTRACTIONS at  Re Think Dance Festival (Oslo)

30 January 2013 BSIDES performance at Maison de la Culture Amiens

17 January Kollective Project public opening

9, 10 and 11 November ABSTRACT ATTRACTIONS performance at Het Veem Theater (Amsterdam)

2, 3 and 4 November ASBTRACT ATTRACTIONS performance at Tanzfabrik Berlin / Uferstudios

26 and 2 October ABSTRACT ATTRACTIONS perofrmance at Schaubühne Lindenfels(Leipzig)

19 Octubre COLLECTIVE WRITING MACHINES at "How to Think Bodies? - Exposure of Aesthetic Practices" conference in (Zurich University of the Arts)

22 September COLLECTIVE WRITING MACHINES at Opening Season Evening of Het Veem Theater (Amsterdam)

18 June BSIDES performance at Schloss Goldegg

27 May COLLECTIVE WRITING MACHINES  graduation performace of AMCh (Amsterdam Master of Choreography)

12,13 and 14 April BSIDES performance at Tanz Hoch Zwei (Berlin)

18 March BSIDES performance at Museum der Moderne (Salzburg)

16 and 17 March BSIDES perofrmance at  B.I.T. Teater Garasjen (Bergen)

15 January 2012 BSIDES performance at Performing New Europe Festival

2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 November 2011 BSIDES performance at Hetveem theater (Amsterdam)

17 September COLLECTIVE WRITING MACHINES at Domestic Affections Festival at Het Veem Theater (Amsterdam)

26 March ABOUT FALLING at Chasse Theater (Breda)

25 March ABOUT FALLING at Het Veem Theater (Amsterdam)

18 and 19 November THE H ALF performance at Hetveem theater (Amsterdam)

28 September THE H ALF performance at  Tanzplan Potsdam Artists-in-Residence (Potsdam)

23, 24 and 15 Septemeber 2010 THE H ALF performance at  Perfect Wedding" Festival (Berin)

6 July OUTDOORS performance at Sommer Szenne Festival (Salzburg)

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