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Diego Gil is a choreographer, performer and philosopher that studied in Amsterdam at the School for New Dance Development (BA), Das Choreography (MA) and holds a PhD from the Interdisciplinary Humanities program of Concordia University.

During 2003 and 2013 he focused his research on the production of stage performances projects that were created via the articulation of somatic techniques. The somatic techniques explored the capacity of the incipient phase of movements to unfold a choreography of affects - modes of feeling in transition-, together with an expanded notion of the environment - as a virtual ecology of entryways and passageways of experience.

The core question explored was (and still is): can the practice of movement be the relational element that carries autonomously (through its own generative multilinear logic) the composition of the contingent elements populating the stage performances, such as bodies, props and signs?

Some of the themes that emerged immanently from this question on stage, were those of the ‘queerness’ of affective moods (rather than the body perceived through categories of identity), the experimentation on ‘collectivities’ based in the break and regeneration of relations (rather than in a consensual agreement based in the stable position o  personalities) and the play with ‘ecological propositions’ in which the categories of the human, the animal, technology and nature where felt in their indistinguishable mixture.

In the frame of the PhD studies under the supervision of Professors Erin Manning, Brian Massumi and Alanna Thain, he explored the intervals of perception (non sensuous perception), the production of alternative subjectivities (non limited to the category of the human) and the intuition of affective signs (the imperceptible but affectively felt tendencies of an actual situation that improvise a germinal future). The aim is to think alternative spaces for research creation specific for the performing arts.

At the moment he works in Montreal as an independent choreographer and performer and as a mentor for other artists.

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