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east                    silicon                                                                 
west                                                 carbon                                                     

south                                                                         fire                                        
north                        iron                                                              

technology                         technology                     
love and leave it                           
                                  here we bring it                                         
 show me the money            

sweet sweet money

away away worries                                          
 show me the                       



WHITE (2013) - Diego Gil / Igor Dobricic / Ayara Hernandez / Noha Ramadan / Pablo Fontdevila / Tian Rotteveel 

The title stands for “white magic”, reclaiming the word magic in an attempt to re-animate, both critically and sensibly, our modes of approaching topics we are concerned with. With short demonstration acts, the two performers invoke across their bodies the affective resonances of nature, money, technology and other such concerns.

“White” is a performance made of kinaesthetic rituals exploring the transmission of the political quality inherent in aesthetic gestures. Deviating from the usual statements in the arts, the political and the poetical are considered two movements of expression that activate the affective relation we have for the things we care for in this world.

concept / choreography  Diego Gil dramaturgy Igor Dobricic  performance / choreography Ayara Hernandez and Noha Ramadan music Tian Rotteveel light Pablo Fontdevila

Supported by Het Veem Theatre, APAP/Tanzfabrik and Stichting Abstracta.

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