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A s se m bl ing
real animals        
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again and aga in a n d a gain                            

THE H ALF (2010) - Diego Gil / Igor Dobricic / Paz Rojo / Pablo Fontdevila / Felix Marchand / Tian Rotteveel / Theresia Knevel

In THE H ALF by multiplying strategies of separation between the traditionally fused mediums of a dance performance: music / movement / stage / light, we are seeking to reach and demonstrate emergent forms of interaction in constellation themselves beyond anybodies singular intention.

Starting point of THE HALF is the shared conviction that the politically incorrect gesture of HALVING - breaking away from the socially privileged rhetoric of being whole (as individual) and together (as a group) - is the only way to care about the identities and communities that are to come. In the making of four different dance solos we attempt to test this philosophical conviction inside our artistic practice.

THE H ALF is a modular project consisting of four different pieces made in several progressive steps during a period of year and a half between 2009/10. Respecting the fragmentary nature of its mode of production THE H ALF could be perform as a “whole” of four dance pieces or in all possible “individual” combinations (one, two or three pieces).

To learn more about the creative process through which this performance came into being, please visit

choreography / dramaturgy Diego Gil, Igor Dobricic performance / choreography Paz Rojo, Felix Marchand performance / light / choreography Pablo Fontdevila performance / sound / choreography Tian Rotteveel set / costumes / designs Theresia Knevel

THE H ALF has received support by Hauptsadtkulturfonds Berlin and has been co produced with Tanzfabrik Berlin, Fabrik Potsdam, Het Veem Theater.