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OUTDOORS (2010) Diego Gil - SEAD (Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance)

The individual and collective bodies activating their movement through the shared space in between them. Movement goes taking form through the coordinates perceived from the other bodies passing by. When a gesture crystallizes in a hand the movement resonating through the whole body reminds them to step again towards the feeling of emergence and transitoriness. One more time the body steps towards multiplication and singularization dancing a dance of contraction and dilation of forces.

In the middle of this collective migrational frame the bodies exercise different modes to process the exchange of movements, sometimes transforming it, sometimes, interrupting it and sometimes consuming it.

After three successive acts the assembled bodies transpires different textures to feel the kinetics of the body and propose ways to think social movements under the prism of an accelerating continuous variation.

Outdoors was commissioned by Sommer Szene Festival in Salzburg and performed by 45 dancers from SEAD (Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance) in the public space of the city Kapital Platz. Music was specially composed for the piece by Tarek Atoui.

concept and choreography Diego Gil music Tarek Atoui performers Aliz Peter, Andrea Bartok, Anna Jarrige, Caroline Byström, Camille Prieux, Coralie Meinguet, Maria De Duenas Lopez, Eve Chariatte, Fie Dam Mygind, Jian Hao Leong, Johanna Henritius, Griet Van den Houden, Iris de Hertogh, Joana Serra Foraste, Katarina Rilovic, Judit Koncz, Julia Lanyi, Maayan Choresh, Marcio Kerber Canabarro, Marine Bouillon, Marie-Louise Nielsen, Marina Mazaraki, Mira Maric, Mireia Arnella Perera, Mirja Brunberg, Naama Ityel, Nelle Hens, Nora Virgili Garcia, Pascale Utz, Pekka Kortelainen, David Perez Villanueva, Sofia Simola, Sofya Levina, Sara Marin, Stephanie Van Aken, Thales Weilinger,Thea Vandijck, Urska Sekirnik, Yasuto Namekawa, Yuriko Suzuki, Zoltan Vakulya

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