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  EMOTIONAL ARCHITECTURE OF MOVEMENT (2006) –  Diego Gil / Irina Mueller

How long can we hold up our relationship with the audience when the only thing we have to offer is our dance? Alone on stage (without music, stage desing or changes of light), Diego Gil and Irina Mueller intend to elongate an act of communication until it reaches its maximum intensity. Emotional Architecture of Movement is a performance about eduring, phisically and emotionally. A dance duet that tells a story of friendship and surviving through a “melancholic narrative”: You have lost somebody though, you remain standing there facing the crowd. Trying hard communication not to fail but to endure this time. The choreography stresses a process of transformation where dance, as a private act of creation, becomes a public event of communication.

EMOTIONAL ARCHITECTURE OF MOVEMENT is a Het Veem Theater production in collaboration with Tanzfabrik berlin.

concept diego gil dance and choreography diego gil and irina mueller advise gonnie hegen and igor dobricic light vinny jones

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