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BSIDES (2011) - 
Diego Gil / Rob List / Igor Dobricic / Pablo Fontdevila / Tian Rotteveel / António Maia / Michele Rizzo / John Sinclair / Iris de Hertogh / Victor Perez Armero / Noriko Nishidate

"Bsides" is a dance concert performance in which the act of "singing" by doubling itself, unfolds different modes of expression: from the singular to the plural, from the internal to the external and from the private to the public. Bsides" is a refrain machine, catalyzing the expressive movement of ideas and feelings, following the communicative forms of poem recitals and lip synch. Generating through this process a space for sensitization and reflection concerning the musical journey of a dancing spirit yet to come.

The piece is constructed in different modules that can be presented in all types of combinations, always forming one single piece for the audiences.

The first module is made with  Rob List and it is choreographed out of the impulse of an Edgar Allan Poe poem recitation that develops into an abstract dance and classic music composition.

The second module is made with two different group of performers finishing their dance education and it is choreographed following the culture of You Tube lip syncing. The two different group of performers are:

A duet with Antonio Onio and Michele Rizzo (ex students from SNDO-School for New Dance Development of  Amsterdam) 

A quartet with John Sinclair, Iris de Hertogh, Victor Perez Armero and Noriko Nishidate (current students from SEAD- Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance).


To know more about BSIDES    or

concept / choreography
  Diego Gil dramaturgy Igor Dobricic  performance / choreography version 1 Rob List,  Michele Rizzo and António Maia
performance / choreography version 2 Rob List, John Sinclair, Iris de Hertogh, Victor Perez Armero and Noriko Nishidale music Tian Rotteveel light Pablo Fontdevila

Supported by Het Veem Theatre, Prins Bernard Fonds, APAP/Tanzfabrik, Szene Salzburg and Stichting Abstracta.

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