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ABSTRACT ATTRACTIONS (2012) - Diego Gil / Irina Müeller / Pablo Fontdevila / Tian Rotteveel / Igor Dobricic / Tatiana Saphir / Berly Acosta

"They walk dance walk catwalk dance and walk
They fold fold walk unfold unfold and dance undone

It grows and goes grows and goes goes goes becomes
It drift and pin pin and drift re mix slash and crash

You feel and think resist and feel and think resist and feel
You put it down you put it up forget it love it now

"Abstract Attractions" is a playful, shared ritual displaying the (in)visible kinesthetic forces that are (un)dressing two bodies in relation.

While traveling across a catwalk performers are invoking those forces, carrying them toward and in between the spectators as if they were in the middle of a fashion show.

In a choreographic interplay of dance, light and music the invoked forces take various fleeting and fluttering forms, overspill the catwalk and vanish into the space, transforming the theatrical context from a fashion show into a ballroom and into a jungle of many more intense sensations to be felt.
choreography / performance  Diego Gil   performance  Irina Müeller light and set design Pablo Fontdevila music Tian Rotteveel
dramaturgy and graphic design  Igor Dobricic  theatrical advise  Tatiana Saphir  costume advise  Berly Acosta

A coproduction of Tanzfabrik Berlin with Schaubhüne Lindenfelds Leipzig and Het Veem theatre Amsterdam.
Funded by Haupstadtkultuur Fonds. Supported by APAP - Advancing Performing Arts Projects.  


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